Ultimate guide on Education Certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Education certificate attestation in UAE

Ultimate guide on Education Certificate attestation in UAE


Education documents are attested by the embassy in UAE if the education is not from UAE. If you go to a University in UAE then they will attest your documents, if you get any other education in UAE, then you have to go to their consulate to get it attested. UAE Ministry of Education has made the attestation process simple to apply and easy to understand. Buts, many people do not know the process. Therefore, here we are providing the step-by-step procedure to apply and get an education certificate attestation in UAE. To get an education certificate attestation in UAE, first, you have to log in to the website of the UAE Ministry of Education.

Everything you need to know about education certificate attestation in UAE

It’s important to attest to your educational certificates before you start working in UAE. While you may think that attestation is a formality, it is an important procedure in the UAE which involves the submission of documents to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is not a single process but requires attestation of various certificates and documents which you need to submit to various authorities.

Education certificate attestation in UAE is one of the most crucial processes when a person is changing his/her location to UAE. An attestation is a procedure in which an employer or recruiter or law enforcement agencies or government authorities ask for an individual’s educational documents to confirm if the document is original.

Reasons for education certificate attestation in UAE:-

Many companies and recruiters in UAE ask you to provide an original education certificate with attestation which is mandatory for you to get the job. If you are looking for a better career in the education sector in UAE, then you have to have the certificate attested. If you are shifting to a new country like UAE and you are not sure about the rules then you can always ask your home country’s government for attestation of your education certificates.

• The UAE Ministry of Education has made attestation of documents compulsory.
• The UAE Embassy in India has set up an office where the attestation of educational certificates can be done.
• The educational certificates must be verified for Visas, employment, promotion, and other such documents to be submitted in UAE.
• The Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is responsible for issuing official documents for educational certificates.
• Students who have studied in the UAE and need to apply for attestation, first check with the Ministry of Education whether the education certificate is eligible for attestation. If it is eligible it can be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE.

Importance of procedures of Education certificate attestation in UAE

• Attestation of Education certificate UAE is a must for any applicant for an employment visa. The Education certificate attestation is generally required when the candidate is selected for the job.
• Attestation of education certificate is the process of legalization of educational qualifications, academic degrees, and professional certifications that are awarded by an authority other than UAE authority for employment in UAE.
• The attestation of educational qualifications is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy as well as Consulate of UAE in the country where the certificate was issued and then they endorse the certificate and forward it to the UAE Embassy in the country where the applicant has to live and work.
• The attestation witness by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy in the country of the applicant. The attestation of educational certificates/qualifications is mandatory for all applications for employment visas as well as a tourist visa in UAE.
• In UAE, the government has taken strict measures that students should undergo the education certificate attestation in UAE.
• This is because the students are receiving education in UAE and they are getting employment in the same country. So, the Emirati official wants that the students should be aware of their national identity and the official language of UAE which is Arabic.
• The students who have non-Arabic speaking countries can be affected by getting employment in other countries and then their employer would say that the certificate is fake and does not have any value.
• So, the government wants that no issues should occur at the time of employing the local students.

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