Family Visa Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Family Visa Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

If you have a residence visa in the Abu Dhabi, UAE and want to bring your Family with you, you can bring them to Abu Dhabi on a Family Visa. It is difficult to obtain a family visa in Abu Dhabi. It is hard to bring your dependents on a family visa if certain needs are not fulfilled. You must meet the salary requirements established by the UAE government. Your dependents must pass a medical examination conducted by government-approved health agencies.

If you are a male, you must have a monthly salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3000 and accommodation facilities in order to be granted a family visa in Abu Dhabi. Female emigrants must have a monthly salary of at least AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus housing. If you are sponsoring relatives, you will have 60 days after they arrive in the UAE to apply for a residence visa. They will be given an entry permit when they arrive. The sponsor must convert this entry permit into a valid visa within two months.

What exactly is a Family Visa in Abu Dhabi? Why is it necessary?

Abu Dhabi, UAE Family Visa is a type of residence visa that allows UAE residents to sponsor their families to come and live with them. However, in order to bring their family, the applicants must meet the minimum requirements.

So, if you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and want to sponsor your family, you can apply for a UAE Family Visa according to the requirements. You can, even so, apply through valid Service agencies in Abu Dhabi, such as Power index management services in Abu Dhabi.

The documentation needed to apply for an UAE family visa for your family members.

• Application Form Completed and Filled.
• Both the sponsor's and the dependent's valid passports.
• Sponsor information and proofs, as well as a salary certificate.
• A three-month bank statement is required.
• Emirates ID card and work permit.
• Certificate of Marriage (original and copy, if bringing spouse).
• Medical examination at an authorized clinic
. • A photo of the dependent in passport size.
• Additional supporting documentation.

Procedure for applying for a Family visa in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Residence Permit (Entry Permit is required for those traveling from outside the UAE):
• First, go to an authorized typing center and ask them to process your family visa application.
• The fee for an urgent visa, and the fee for a normal visa (2-3 working days). Typing fees are also included in the costs.
• When you've finished typing, go to the Naturalization and Expat Affairs Department and wait your turn with the token.
• The officer will verify the documents and, if satisfied, will issue your family with a residency permit. You will be given the 'Pink visa' there.
• If your family is in the country, you will need to change your status, for which you will need to return to the typing center and request an application for status change.
• After that, proceed to the immigration counter and submit the documents.
• You now have the legal right to stay in the UAE if your application is approved.

Medical Test:

• Following that, you must undergo a medical examination at an authorized medical facility.
• The medical examination, which includes a blood test and a chest x-ray. There is no medical examination for those under the age of 18.
• After passing the Medical Exam, you will receive your Fitness Certificate in 48 hours. You will also receive an SMS with the test results at this time.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is now required in Abu Dhabi, and you will be required to purchase insurance for your entire family once the medical tests are completed.

Emirates ID:

If you do not already have an Emirates ID, you will need to apply for one. Proceed to the EIDA (Emirates ID) center and wait your turn. You should already have your Emirates ID application typed at an authorized typing center.

The Stamping of Residence Visas

While your Emirates ID is being processed, take your Medical Fitness certificate and go to a typing center to have the residence visa stamped on your passport.

Once the typing is finished, go to the immigration office and present the typed form. Take your original passports with you for this purpose. The passports will be stamped with a UAE residence visa by the officer at the counter. For Urgent applications, visas will be stamped immediately. Normal applications require you to pick up your passports the following day.

How do Power index management services help you to get Family visa services in Abu Dhabi?

We at Power Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi offer Family Residence Visa Processing to our customers who have residence visas in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Sponsoring a family to come to Abu Dhabi is not an easy task. But with the help of power index management services in Abu Dhabi, you can make it easy and the visa application process is simple. We will walk you through the immigration process and all of your requirements, putting you at ease. We will be by your side from the time you apply for a new visa until you complete the visa stamping for your dependents in Abu Dhabi. We offer a comprehensive family visa service for people from various countries who want to visit Abu Dhabi, UAE. saving you time, effort, and money.


No, you are unable to sponsor relatives who are not first-degree relatives. Only the spouse, kids, parents, and stepchildren of a person with a valid residence visa for the UAE may bring them.

No particular profession is required to apply for a family member to move to the UAE. Those who meet the salary requirements may bring a member of their family to the UAE.

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