Medical certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Medical certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Medical certificate attestation in abu dhabi

A medical certificate attestation, also referred to it as sick leave authentication, is necessary to get approval from the relevant authorities. A leave extension or medical insurance is typically required where you are. Obtaining the UAE Health Ministry's recognition of your medical certificate in Abu Dhabi is an easy and quick process. A certificate issued by one of Abu Dhabi's private or public health institutions may occasionally require authentication by a certificate authority (CA). Because of the cooperation of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), the process for an Abu Dhabi medical certificate attestation moves quickly.

What is medical certificate attestation and the reason for having medical certificate attestation In Abu Dhabi, UAE?

The Medical Certificate is a statement that a qualified doctor has signed confirming that the patient has undergone a medical examination. It goes by the name "Sick Report." In Abu Dhabi, the certificate might be necessary to receive health benefits like sick days, short- and long-term leaves of absence, health insurance claims, and so forth. Abu Dhabi requires medical certificate attestation before allowing the use of certifications there. By attestation, you can further confirm the validity and originality of the provided documents.

Our attestation team at Power index management services in Abu Dhabi is made up of skilled legal consultants who assist clients in attesting their medical certificates, which are commonly used for:

• Making a medical insurance claim.
• Claiming medical benefits provided by a company or a government agency.
• Obtaining a leave extension or leave pay.
• In describing the reasons behind the temporary or extended absence.

Document required for medical certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The following documents are needed in order to process the medical certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

• Copies of the original passport (passport must have relevant pages and residence visa page)
• Two most recent photos (colored and passport size)
• letter from a respected hospital or medical facility
• Authentic medical document issued by a reputable facility or clinic

The procedure for medical certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

A medical certificate needs to complete a number of steps in order to properly attestation, these are as follows;

A private notary's certification

For one medical certificate, this is a step that must be completed before any other type of verification. The notary attestation must be completed by a private notary in the United Arab Emirates or in the nation that issued the medical certificate, who will also stamp or sign the document. When it comes to the process of authenticating a medical certificate, a notary is a basic authority.

Attestation from the home department

The nation's Home Department must validate a medical certificate. The local authority will demand additional personal documents before they sign or stamp anything.

Attestation from the Ministry of External or Foreign Affairs

A medical certificate that has been verified by the above-said authorities will receive the ministry's stamp. Additionally, this step is necessary, especially for medical certificates. A state's primary department for handling foreign affairs is the ministry.

Embassy Certification

The UAE-based embassy of the nation that issued the document completes the embassy attestation procedure. If there is no need for a legal translation of the pertinent documents, this could be the last step.

Depending on the availability of the various local authorities, the state of origin of the documents, the country of use, and the documents that are provided with the attestation application, the duration of the entire medical certificate attestation process may vary. It is possible to speed up the process of attesting for medical certificates, but it is best to first speak with our team so they can evaluate your particular situation.

Why should choose power index management services in Abu Dhabi for your medical certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

Our staff at Power index management services in Abu Dhabi is competent in handling both individual and corporate documents and completing the necessary attestation procedures for submission in any foreign nation? We have provided services to both individuals and businesses for decades who require certification of their documents from a variety of foreign embassies as well as state and local authorities.

Our team will be there for you whenever you need validation that a document you have is being handled in a way that complies with all applicable laws. Many of our clients seek our assistance after trying to complete the attestation process on their own and discovering that it is nearly impossible to complete. This is most likely a result of a lack of knowledge, connections, and experience. It is time for you to turn to our experts for assistance if you have had a similar experience with medical certificate attestation in the UAE or any other type of certificate attestation. We will take care of every aspect of attesting your document, giving it our full attention until it is finished.


The certifications provided by the healthcare facilities that use the MOHAP sick leave system are valid and do not need to be attested further.

The following conditions must be satisfied in order for you to receive an official medical certificate in Dubai:

Term of vacation

The length of time you were on leave affects the validity of your medical certificate:
You can obtain a verified medical certificate without going through a medical committee:

• If your illness lasts longer than five days in Dubai, you'll need the medical community's approval.
• You must obtain documentation from MOHAP's Higher Medical Committee if your sick leave in Dubai lasts longer than one month.

Health Authority approval

Before requesting sick time online via the MOHAP website, the Abu Dhabi Health Authority must first approve the request.

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