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MOFA attestation Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In the majority of cases, MOFA attestation is a required process in the UAE to verify the validity of important certificates needed for a visa, employment, study, medical, or any other purposes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC), also known as MOFA UAE, provides all UAE attestation services in the nation for certificates issued both inside and outside the UAE.

Who and all eligible for MOFA certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

All of the following individuals are eligible for MOFA attestation services in the UAE:

• Citizens.
• Residents.
• Companies.
• Investors.
• Students.
• Tourists.

What types of certificates can be attested in MOFA Abu Dhabi, UAE?

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs will require the submission of certain certificates, without which the documents cannot be verified. It is best to prepare all certificates before submitting them to MOFA for further attestation because they will be rejected, costing you time, effort, and energy. The following are the basic certificate needed for MOFA attestation in the Abu Dhabi, UAE for any purpose:

• Birth and death certificate attestation.
• Divorce agreements.
• Educational certificate.
• Marriage certificate.
• Medical certificate.
• Powers of attorney.
• Commercial contracts and invoices.

Moreover, it is mandatory to ensure that all information produced to MOFA is true and free of errors/faults. Depending on the reason for the MOFA attestation, the authority may require additional certificates such as an Emirates ID, a tenancy contract, a job offer certificate, and so on.

Reason for attesting MOFA certificates in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Authenticating and verifying your documents will open many doors for you and assist you in overcoming all of the obstacles in the UAE. Because every company/educational institute/government agency requires attested documents. As a result, MOFA attestation in UAE will help you in the following areas:

• To obtain an Employment Visa/Labor Card in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi.
• To apply for higher education in the UAE or abroad.
• Exams for the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Department of Health (DOH).
• To obtain a residence visa.
• A transfer certificate is required for admission to schools in the UAE.
• Authority of Attorney
• To obtain the right to sell property in the UAE.
• If necessary, for the dissolution of an LLC partnership.

What are the conditions you must follow while documenting in the UAE?

Here are some things to keep in mind before going out to have your certificates attested by the UAE MOFA.

• You must submit only original certificates. Photocopies or laminated documents will not be accepted by the MOFA.
• The information contained in the certificates must be accurate.
• Foreigners requesting MOFA UAE attestation must first have their certificates attested by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in their home country or the country of issuance.

The procedure for applying for MOFA certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

• You can bring the required certificates to any of our branch offices for attestation.
• Following the submission of the certificate, we will complete the initial attestation procedure based on the document type and the state where the document was issued.
• We will send the certificates to the MEA for attestation.
• The certificates are then submitted to the embassy of the relevant country for attestation.
• We will also help you with the MOFA attestation services for Abu Dhabi.

Power Index Management Services is an authorized Service Provider to collect and deliver certificates from individuals/applicants for Attestation and Apostille on behalf of MEA. All original certificates requiring Attestation or Apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs must first be authenticated/attested by the designated authorities/departments from which they were issued. MEA Attestation is only possible after the relevant state authority has attested a specific certificate.

Our professional team will ensure that you have no problems getting your certificates attested. For all types of certificates, we ensure genuine and authentic attestation.

For any questions or assistance with MOFA Certificate Attestations, please contact our customer service representatives at +971 50 3742348 or send an email to Info@Attestation.Ae.


The following service channels provide access to MOFAIC services.

• UAE Embassy in your country UAE.
• Mission in your country.
• Customer Happiness Centers in the UAE.
• MOFAIC website.
• MOFAIC Application.

They must be attested by the UAE Embassy/mission in your home country before being submitted to the MOFA for attestation. You can return the certificates to your home country using courier services in Dubai. They can be attested for you by relatives or friends.

This concludes this post on how to get your certificates attested by MOFA UAE. The procedure is straightforward and can be completed online. Applying for educational certificate attestation in Dubai is now simple. You can also apply for a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate on their website.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has set standard rates for each of the two certificate types, regardless of their origin of issuance.

Attestation fee for individual certificates;

For MOFA certificate attestation, the certificates listed below, whether issued in the UAE or outside the UAE, will cost AED 150 each.

• Certificate of Birth.
• Certificate of behavior.
• Certificates from the courts.
• Certificates of Death (UAE and Non-UAE residents).
• Certificates of education.
• Contract of employment Experience certificate.
• certificates containing fingerprints.
• judicial decisions.
• Foreign passport theft.
• Marriage agreements.
• Medical documentation.
• Legal authority (non-trade).
• According to the police.
• Power of attorney transfer (non-trade).
• Certificates addressed to "whoever it may concern".
• Other Credentials.

MOFA attestation fee for business certificates;

The cost of MOFA attestation for the following commercial certificates, whether issued in the UAE or outside the UAE, is AED 2,000 each. These certificates may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Commercial permits.
• Good standing certificate.
• Decisions of the Board of Directors.
• Commercial contracts.
• Contract was established by the company.
• Statements of financial position.
• Patent registration ISO certificate Articles of Association Other commercial certificates

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