Need to get your documents attested in Abu Dhabi; these are the steps you need to follow

Steps You need to follow to attest documents in Abu Dhabi

Need to get your documents attested in Abu Dhabi; Here are the steps you need to follow


Attested document is a document which is attested by any organization or legal bodies in a country. It is generally used for companies which are registered in a country and are required to provide the documents to another company or legal authorities in the government. The organization or legal body which attests the document verifies and confirms if the document is authentic and genuine. The attestation process of the document is not the same for all the countries. But it all depends on the document of the country you are living in. For example, a document attestation in India is of different types such as Commercial Attestation, Educational Attestation, Marriage Attestation, etc. The same is valid for UAE. We will call you shortly to discuss in details. In UAE, the attested document is legally binding and verified by the concerned authorities. In case of litigation, the court of law can hold the attested document as a proof against the opposite party. You can send any document to Dubai or UAE office to get it attested or you can do it yourself.

steps you need to follow while applying your documents attested in Abu Dhabi

The best and trusted document attestation in Abu Dhabi services are available . These services are provided by the officials and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi and they take all the documents related to immigration or marriage and other official proceedings and attestation. All the documents are attested by the immigration office and they take care of all the immigration related issues.

• It is a good idea to first have the documents notarized in the UAE, unless you have an embassy for the country in which you live.
• We have notaries in the embassy, but to save you the hassle of traveling to Abu Dhabi, you can first have it notarized by an Abu Dhabi notary and then mailed to us.
• Emirates Notary Authority is the only legal place from where you can get your documents notarized
• First things first, unless you want to get in trouble, stay away from brokers. They are generally paid by the notary to get your documents attested.
• The documents are sent back to you after the attestation at a much higher cost. Another important thing to remember is that when you need to get the documents attested, you have to ensure that you don't need the document for a specific purpose in the next few months.
• The reason behind this is that the notary will take your documents back after three months and you'll have to reapply. It's a hassle, but it's worth it if you can save some money.
• First of all, you would require downloading the attestation form available on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and filling it with the details.
• Then, you would need to get your documents attested by UAE Embassy in your country. In case your country doesn't have any UAE Embassy, then visit the nearest other country where there is an UAE Embassy.
• It's better to avoid getting documents attested through online as they take time, and may not be reliable. This page from Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a directory of UAE Embassies and consulates.
• They will send your documents to the UAE Embassy in your country for attestation, and you can then visit the Embassy in your country for the attestation.
• It is advisable to check the UAE Embassy website for the necessary documents and fees required for the process.

To obtain your documents verified by MOFA in the UAE, there is a simple process that you need to follow.

• Attestation of your educational documents by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE is easy and simple. You can get your certificates attested by MOFA in the UAE with the following simple procedure:
• Write a covering letter that draw attention of the attestation staff on your intention; and the type of documents that you are sending to them for attestation.
• Then, attach all documents that you want to get attestation from MOFA in the UAE.
• Finally, send all documents by one of the following ways:
* Courier
* FedEx
* Post
* UAE delivery services
• According to the different service, you can choose one of the following addresses for sending documents for attestation:
* For courier:
* For FedEx:
* For DHL:
* For Post:
* For UAE delivery services

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