Is school certificate attestation mandatory for a Dubai, UAE visa?

School certificate attestation in abu dabi

Is school certificate attestation mandatory for a UAE visa?


School certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is the official seal and a stamp is required on the document attestation in UAE. It is a recognized process of the UAE Ministry of Education, UAE Embassy, or Consulate. The attestation of a school education certificate is a very important factor in UAE. When the candidate has completed studies from any recognized school, college, or university needs to attach the original copy of the school certificate with the transcript and the marks list together with other supporting documents at the time of applying for jobs, or higher studies abroad, or immigration.

Attestation is the procedure that involves authentication of a document's content and signature by a competent authority. It is used to certify the genuineness of the signature and seal on a document, and the authority of the signatory to authenticate the document.

1. School certificate attestation in UAE is a process in which the Embassy/Consulate/Embassies of the UAE would certify that the school certificate provided by an individual to the UAE is genuine and issued by the school of the mentioned name and address.

2. In order to get the UAE school certificate attestation done, you need to visit the respective Embassy of the UAE in your country and submit the following documents:
• Original copy of the certificate.
• Passport copy.
• Two recent passport-size photographs.

3. After verification, the school certificate attestation in UAE would be done within 4 business days and the attested certificate will be sent to you.

Is school certificate attestation mandatory for a UAE visa?

Yes, school certificate attestation is compulsory. You’ll need to send your documents to your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its equivalent if it’s a consulate in UAE that can help you. The reason is that UAE is an Islamic country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take your documents to the official Islamic authority in your country. They will sign the documents, certifying their validity, so that the UAE authorities will accept them.

A few years back attestation of all the documents was mandatory, but now it is not mandatory for making a UAE visa. You can get your school degree certificate attested by the respective authority. If you already have your visa stamped in your passport, you don't need to get it attested again. And if you have applied for a visa and waiting for your passport, then it is not mandatory for you to get it attested.

How can I attest my school certificate attestation in UAE?

In order to attest your documents, you will have to go to the embassy of your country in UAE, there you have to fill up a form and pay the fees to attestation of documents, however, you will have to make sure that your educational certificates and degrees are in English otherwise the embassy officials will not accept them and you will have to get them translated to English.

• You can attest to your school certificate attestation in UAE by approaching a service provider.
• There are many reliable agencies in UAE that offer attestation services.
• The best way to obtain an apostille is by going directly to the UAE embassy or consulate of your country.
• For example, for attestation of a school certificate in Sharjah, you’ll have to approach the embassy or consulate of your country.
• This is because attestation of school certificates in Sharjah is done by the authorities of Sharjah.
• After gathering your documents, you will have to fill out a few forms.
• You will also have to pay visa fees and other applicable charges.
• But don’t worry the fees and charges applied by the UAE authorities are reasonable.

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