How to Protect Yourself from a Marriage Certificate Scam in Dubai, UAE

How to Protect Yourself from a Marriage Certificate Scam in Dubai, UAE


People from all around the world can visit the UAE. The UAE has a large ex-pat population. People from various nationalities and countries relocate to Dubai and create enterprises there. People need to be aware of the small points, such as the laws, which most people initially neglect. You'd best not do this and be familiar with all the rules that could ultimately be beneficial to you in the UAE.
When transferring or migrating to another nation as a married couple or family, a marriage certificate is one of the most important types of documents required. They are issued by a state agency and serve as documentation that a couple is legally married. At Dubai Court Marriage, we assist couples and families in obtaining tourist/residency visas by the attestation of marriage certificates.
These days marriage certificate scams increased. The easiest approach to avoid such scams is to employ an effective cyber strategy and remain alert. Awareness training should be included within the firm, especially for business corporations.

Three common ways to scam marriage certificates in Dubai, UAE.

• Hacking: Hacking occurs when people are contacted mostly through emails appearing as genuine institutions to trick them into supplying sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking, and credit card information, and passwords.
• Voice scamming: phone calls made to an operator to deceive them into donating money or revealing personal information. It's more like a telephone scam.
• Text messages that contain fake links to perpetrate fraud. "Criminals get unlawful access to the victim's account and steal the information." It usually entails contacting the victim by text message and offering a link to a scam website that can steal any personal or financial information.

The way to protect your marriage certificate from scams in UAE

• Avoid clicking on links in emails or text messages from unfamiliar sources, even if they offer a fully paid vacation.
• When available, use multi-factor authentication as an additional layer of security. Multi-factor authentication requires two or more different methods of identifying you before you can log in. One of the most typical methods is to receive a text message with a unique code on your cell phone.
• When creating passwords, avoid repeating them across websites. Do not use your birthdays, anniversaries, or the name of your spouse as passwords. While these are simple to remember, they are also simple to hack and can compromise the safety and security of your account.
• If necessary, block calls from sales call marketing agents of companies offering 'once-in-a-lifetime' possibilities to make money.
• You can also prevent businesses from sending you promotional messages or phone calls.
• The names on the marriage license that is presented to the attestation agency must match the ones on the passports. If there are small differences or even small faults, the UAE government will consider the certificate to be forged or invalid Otherwise, it will be utilised in a fraud. This is one of the main reasons why information verification should not be ignored while completing marriage certificate attestation in Dubai. Translate the marriage certificate or else it will help to scam the certificate. If the supplied certificate is in a language other than Arabic, the complete document must be translated by an official translator recognized by local authorities. Our experts will also ensure that the spellings of translated names match those on the applicants' passports.
• Attests the marriage certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s home country to avoid marriage certificate scam. The UAE MOFA will also review the translation, which was completed by a Ministry-approved translator in the UAE. It is against the law to provide a forged document to the Ministry for attestation. Fake certificates for attestation are punishable by penalties and jail in some Middle Eastern nations.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the candidates' home country is the first state department that a marriage certificate must pass through for attestation. Your home country's Ministry will most likely want further information from you to complete the attestation. They will check the registration of your marriage certificate as well as the overall authenticity of the certificate.
• Attest marriage certificate from UAE Ministry of foreign affairs for the further use of marriage certificate in Dubai, UAE • The various state departments do not demand personal appearance for certificate attestation. If you are not processing a certificate's attestation personally, an authorization letter is required.
• The attestation charge varies based on the state department engaged in the process. For a more complete estimate, it is best to talk with a service provider.
• A marriage certificate must be attestation stamped or sealed before it can be used in the UAE. Without the attestation stamps/seals, local authorities will not consider the document to be legal and genuine.
• There is no need for attestation if a marriage certificate was issued in the UAE or locally, especially if the certificate would be utilized locally.

The UAE embassy charges a fee for attestation. First, the Foreign Ministry must attest your marriage certificate in the country where the marriage took place. The authorized marriage certificate would next need to be attested by the UAE embassy in the particular nation. In addition, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs will certify your documents.
Marriage certificate attestation is important for you since it provides you with the legal status of being married to each other. This also allows you to stay in the same apartment, which would otherwise give you a lot of trouble. It is critical to avoid getting into such situations, especially when visiting a host country. All of these factors keep you from getting into trouble on various occasions. This isn't as complicated as it appears. Legalize your marriage before moving to the UAE to prevent as many complications as possible.

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