Why certificate attestation required for studying abroad in UAE

certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

Why certificate attestation required for studying abroad


A UAE certificate attestation is the process by which the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE puts an official UAE stamp on a document. Among the documents that need attestation are educational degrees, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic certificates. In addition, it is also required to have educational documents, birth certificates, and marriage certificates attested to use them while applying for a home loan. Certain institutions also require document attestation to get admission in them. There are a few consultations and UAE certificate attestation-related services which offer a certificate attestation for the UAE for a fee.

Why is certificate attestation required for studying abroad

When you look to study in UAE or any other country, a certificate attestation for a diploma certificate or degree certificate is required. This is a process of verification of the authenticity of the certificate. The attestation of the degree certificate is mandatory because it is the only way to check the originality of the degree certificate. A fake certificate would cause trouble not only to the receiver but also to the issuing authority. All the diplomas and degree certificate attestation in abu dhabi need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the degree or diploma holder can move to another country.

Certificate attestation required for studying abroad in UAE is only necessary if the student plans to do their admission to any public university or government university.This certificate has to be attested by the UAE embassy of your country. In the case of private universities, they need not be attested at all.

The UAE Ministry of Education requires all students, including those within the UAE, to have all the certificates they studied through attested, either by the UAE Embassy or the Ministry itself. The reason for this is that it saves time and money for the government and the student.

Overseas students require an Identity Certificate to enroll in a public educational institution in the UAE. An Identity Certificate consists of the following: -

• Your passport
• Your attested degree/diploma
• You’re attested high school certificate
• Your attested transcripts or mark sheets

Besides this, you also require a certificate of good conduct. This certificate is issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and is attested by the UAE Embassy in the applicant's country of permanent residence.

Purposes of certificate attestation in UAE?

• The UAE attestation process is a mandatory document attestation process for all documents issued abroad.
• The process is carried out to verify the authenticity and accuracy of documents from the issuing country.
• The UAE attestation process also confirms that the issuing authority in the applicant’s home country has verified the documents and that the document holder is entitled to use the document.
• Certificate attestation in UAE is a mandatory procedure that has been placed to ensure that documents issued by other countries or organizations are genuine and authentic.
• It is a process that involves verification of an original document with the support of a seal or signature of the authority that attests or confirms the authenticity of the certificate.
• In UAE, by law, all documents such as academic or professional certificates that are to be used in the country must be attested by authorized centers.
• It allows the persons to use these documents in the UAE, to work, or to conduct business in a particular organization.
• This verification process also makes it easier for them to travel to other countries which have similar laws.

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