What is the need for document attestation in UAE?

Document attestation in Dubai

What is the need for document attestation in UAE?

certificate attestation in abu dhabi

If you want to get a document attested from the UAE Embassy in your home country, then you can contact Power Index attestation services one of the leading UAE attestation service providers. Call them and tell them about your requirement and they will send a representative to your home country for the attestation.

You can trust them because they are a leading and well-reputed service provider for the UAE attestation for different documents and you can get a certified copy of your document from them.

The best attestation services provider in UAE is the Emirates Certifying Authority. They provide all sorts of certificate attestation services in UAE like birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, educational certificate attestation, diploma certificate attestation, and death certificate attestation in UAE. So whenever you need any kind of certificate attestation services in UAE, you can contact them.

The process of attestation of documents in the UAE is completely different from countries like India, the US, the UK, etc. Here the document attestation process is a little more complex than what you are thinking about. The companies which are providing the attestation service in UAE are known as referral agents. They are the third party who will check your documents strictly and will attest to the documents. Generally, the companies which are providing the attestation services in UAE are authorized by respective government authorities or they are the government authorities themselves.

What is the need for document attestation in UAE?

All the documents that are used in different countries must be attested to use in other countries. The documents may be your Educational Certificates, Medical Documents, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, etc. They must be attested by the authorized agencies of the respective country. The documents that are been issued in the Middle East Countries must be attested from the respective Embassies. This attestation is called an Apostille.

The document may be issued from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. The documents that are issued from these countries must be attested by the respective Embassies of the above-mentioned countries.

• The UAE is a land of immigrants. The majority of the population consists of ex-pats and out of these; most of them are Indians and Pakistanis. • As per the rules of the UAE government, these ex-pats are required to submit various documents like Marriage certificates, Birth Certificates, Educational certificates, and various other documents before they start their job in UAE. • These documents are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of respective countries before they can be submitted to UAE. • There are two kinds of document attestation – one is done by the local institutions while the other is done by the foreign government. • Usually it is done to recognize the legitimacy of the certificate and to check the authenticity of the certificates.

How to get Document attestation in UAE

• The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not provide attestation services to individuals.
• The ministry provides attestation services for institutions, organizations, and companies.
• Getting the attestation of your documents from UAE Embassy or consulate is not as hard as it seems.
• Make sure that you have all your required documents with you for the attestation.
• The time period for attestation is 10 days for normal documents and 7 days for urgent (Urgent Document attestation is for an additional charge.)
• Documents are submitted to the UAE Embassy and then they are sent to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further verification and approval.

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