Getting your documents attested by the Embassy at a low cost is now possible.

Document Attestation in UAE

Getting your documents attested by the Embassy at a low cost is now possible.


Embassy attestation of documents means the authentication of your documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country. Documents like the degree certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, passport, etc. are usually attested by diplomatic missions of the UAE in India. However, there are several Consulates and Embassies in India, and hence, it is quite difficult to find which Embassy/Consulate of UAE is responsible for your state. Moreover, the exercise of finding the right Embassy is cumbersome and time-consuming. Now, in order to make the Embassy attestation of your documents easier, Trusted Agent offers you the facility of Document Delivery Service. This will make the process faster, cheaper, and hassle-free.
At the end of each year, many Indians are in need of documents attestation abu dhabi from the Embassy, usually for the purpose of seeking admission to foreign universities. The requirement of submission of these documents to the Embassy can be made a daunting task due to the high price at which they are available in the market.
Everyone goes through visa attestation, but attestation of other documents like birth certificates, divorce documents, marriage certificates, educational documents, death certificates, etc. is also very important. These documents must be verified by the UAE Embassy before any further process can be completed using these documents.

How can I verify a document at the UAE embassy?

You need to attest the document to the UAE embassy. You can do it in person. You’ll need to call and schedule an appointment. You’ll need to bring a government-issued ID and documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc.) that are listed in their guide. You’ll also need to bring two passport-sized photos. Read their guide to know what documents you need to bring.
• To verify a document, the embassy needs to consider the original confirmation from the concerned government authority and compare it with your own document.
• The concerned governmental authority should certify the document. This is simply beyond the scope of a simple UAE visa interview.
• In case of a UAE visa interview, the embassy official will get the confirmation and credentials from the concerned governmental authorities and your document will be verified.
• In the case of the embassy through the home country, it is the same.
• You have to go to the embassy, and show them the original document, while they can photocopy it as proof of your identification.
• If they have any questions, they would ask you inside the building, which may take a while.
• It is much better if you chose a courier service to deliver the document to the embassy for you.
• Then you can just drop by the courier office in the morning, collect your document and be on your way.

Why is UAE embassy attestation required?

• Embassy attestation is required in UAE because not all universities are recognized by the UAE government.
• If the degree is not recognized by the UAE government, it cannot be used to obtain a residence visa. There are attestation services in UAE to help you do the embassy attestation.
• Attestation fees paid to these entities are not refundable.
• Embassy attestation is required because at the time of visa application to a foreign country, all the required documents are verified by embassy officials and it is signed by embassy officials.
• If a document is not attested by the embassy, it may get rejected by the foreign country's embassy.
• On the other hand, if the documents are presented to the foreign country's embassy directly, they may accept it positively.
• Therefore, it is better to take the help of the agent and get these documents attested to avoid any inconvenience.

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